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Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0 – 7 Types of Magnesium – Chelate, Citrate, Bisglycinate, Malate, Sucrosomial, Taurate, Oratate – Natural Sleep Aid – Brain Supplement (30 Capsules)


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Product Description

Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0 Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0

One of the biggest misconceptions about magnesium is that you just “need more” of it and you’ll be healthy and optimized.

But the TRUTH is, there are many different types of magnesium — and each plays a critical role in different functions in your body.

Most “healthy” people only get 1-2 forms at best (much of the population is deficient in all forms) — but when you get all 7 major forms of magnesium, that’s when the magic happens.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0 Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0

Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0 Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0

How To Take Magnesium

When you take magnesium in the morning, it supports brain function and stress response throughout the day. In the evening, high doses of magnesium promote relaxation. Therefore, it is best to divide your magnesium supplement doses throughout the day. If that is not possible, take whenever you can.

It is better to take mineral supplements, such as magnesium, on an empty stomach because you will absorb it more efficiently. However, some people experience upset stomach, so they take it with food.

Studies of inorganic magnesium salts (oxide, chloride, and sulfate) found that stomach acid is necessary for magnesium absorption, so they need to be taken on an empty stomach. However, organic magnesium salts (citrate, glycinate, chelate, etc) are more readily absorbed even when taken with food.

Our bodies don’t store magnesium well. It is generally excreted from your system within 24 hours of intake. Therefore, it is important to take magnesium every day.

Wade at Bioptimizers Wade at Bioptimizers

Why BiOptimizers Is A Different Kind Of Company

BiOptimizers Was Born From Pain And Passion.

Wade’s passion and mission for helping others optimize their health started when he witnessed his 23-year-old sister pass away from a life-threatening illness. It was a heart-breaking experience that shaped his destiny. That’s when he realized that health was the most precious asset we have in this life.

Matt’s passion and purpose is to help others to be optimized.

Matt at BioptimizersMatt at Bioptimizers

Wade and Matt were both trainers working with pro athletes and other high performers. They both spent a decade in the gym helping people transform their health. Wade and Matt met in the gym, struck a friendship and then started a business partnership that has been going strong since 2004.

That’s right, we started selling fitness programs, digestive enzymes and organic plant-based protein in 2004. Our obsession to build the best in class formulas and solutions just gets stronger. Our policy is, “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.”

We’re willing to go ALL IN on the formulas. What does this mean? Our average cost per bottle is 200% to 400% higher than most of our competitors. We use the optimal, effective doses of the most researched ingredients. We know that once you experience the results, you’ll be a fan of BiOptimizers for life.

MAGNESIUM HEALTH BENEFITS – May improve metabolism, may improve memory and mood, may improve sleep, may help eliminate chronic pain and migraines, may boost athletic performance and may combat stress and anxiety.
MAY DEFEAT STRESS AT A CELLULAR LEVEL – Chronic stress depletes Magnesium from your body which may cause anxiety, fatigue, memory problems, sleep issues and chronic pain. Magnesium breakthrough’s full-spectrum formula may not only reverse deficiency but may also increase your performance in these key areas.
NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS – Ingredients are naturally derived, not made in a lab. No preservatives, no mercury, lead, arsenic and fluoride – all commonly found in other supplements.
FAST ABSORPTION: Each Magnesium Breakthrough 4.0 capsule is designed to quickly dissolve, pass through the digestive process and be absorbed at a very high rate.

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