Fluxur Wellness Upgraded Pilates Bar with 4 Resistance Bands, Door Anchor, Hand Grips – Easy at Home Multifunctional Toning Workout Equipment & Men – Access to Digital Pilates Workouts & Content


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Stronger Resistance For All Shapes and Sizes: This improved bar has adjustable, nylon fabric straps that connect to the carabiners of the bands. If you are under 5’5, you can simply wrap the bands around the bar to increase the resistance, if needed. You will find 2 sets of TPE resistance bands (two black bands 20lbs each; two red bands 30lbs each). They have been customized to ensure durability while working out. These can effortlessly be attached to your adjustable Pilates bar and foot loops, as well as the hand grips for a variety of exercises. A Kit of Variety:This Pilates bar kit comes with additional accessories, so that you can use the one bar to meet all of your exercise needs. Use the door anchor to expand your horizons of fitness. Here, at Fluxur Wellness we want to look at fitness differently to ensure you get the right tools to achieve the results you desire. Fast Assembly, Storage and Design: Your improved Pilates bar can be disassembled into three parts so that it is easily portable to anywhere you desire. Need a place to store it? Don’t worry. You will also get a carry bag to hold your accessories! The bar itself is made of high-quality steel, covered in a durable, foam tube cover making it last the test of time. It is a net weight of only approximately 1.5lbs, so it is very portable! Full body training: Get a full body work out with your new and improved pilates bar kit. Target your core, arms, legs, glutes, and more! Additional features:Your kit contains a user guide to use your product. Please also scan the QR code in the package, or stay tuned to your email, for further illustrations and content. Fluxur Wellness is dedicated to providing you with quality products, and services. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns at any time and will be by your side each step of the way along your wellness journey.
Adjustable bars and stronger bands for all shapes and sizes – No matter your height, the pilates resistance bar has a adjustable belt so that it can suit your height and body type. The bands can stretch at varied resistance levels and can wrap around the bar.
Portable home gym machine – Empower yourself to focus on your fitness by using a pilates bar. Do various exercises like squats, lunges, and other exercises or stretching. Who needs the gym or weights when you have your own personal bar to use or travel workout equipment to add to your home gym accessories? These are some must haves for your at home or office workout plan to stay fit!
Better than Yoga – This Pilates Bar Set is more than just yoga. Your total package will contain a three-piece pilates bar with a variety of fitness gear: Two sets of resistance bands, a door anchor, hand grips for the band, and a link to videos with more instructions for working out. Who needs heavy weightlifting when you have a weighted workout bar?
Beginner or advanced – Use this bar with the resistance band set whether you have experience or are just beginning with a basic exercise. Just put on your workout clothes, and prepare for a full body workout. A squat can be easy with this squat machine with weights!
Fluxur Wellness wants to help you achieve a lifestyle where you can focus on fitness whenever you want. We are dedicated to support you if any issues arise and stand by our product. Please contact us for all Manufacturer support!

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