Leann L!fe Smart Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults Weight Loss, 11+1 Spare Knots Waist 25″-36″ Counter, Infinity Hoop Plus Size, Children Adult Home Fitness Exercise, Workout Equipment, Abdominal Toner

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Leann L!fe Weighted Exercise Hula Hoop

Weighted Exercise Hula HoopWeighted Exercise Hula Hoop

Start your journey to a healthier future!

We all want to be healthier but struggle to find the tools and time to make that possible. Our Leann L!fe Weighted Hula Hoop is the tool you need to get you to that healthier future. It is easy and fun to use. You can do it almost anywhere. You can take it with you when you travel. It is a perfect way to get aerobic exercise and tone your abdominal muscles.

Digital Counter

Digital Counter

Massage head

Massage head

Steel Bearings

Steel Bearings

Automatic Counting Function

Our smart weighted fitness hoop comes with an intelligent chip and display that accurately counts the revolutions of the ball to measure your workouts.

Soft Silicone Massage Head

Our smart weighted fitness hoop has soft silicone massaging heads that gently massage your waist and core muscles as you burn fat and calories.

Silent Steel Bearings

The tram has five sets of stainless-steel bearings that glide smoothly and quietly in the hoop track.

Adjustable Gravity BallAdjustable Gravity Ball

Body TransformationBody Transformation

Assembly InstructionAssembly Instruction


【The fewer knots used the better the performance】This hoop is designed for small and medium size waist. It comes with 12 knots. You can try to use within 12 knots, but for optimal performance use within 11 knots, waist sizes from 25” to 36”, The remaining knot is spare.
【Premium Materials】 The smart weighted exercise hoop is made of hard ABS plastic to prevent equipment aging. The inner massage heads are made of highly elastic soft silicone to protect your skin and provide soothing massage of your abdomen. The upgraded soft silicone massage heads provide 360° abdominal massaging action to tone and tighten your abdomen.
【Innovative Design】 This weighted exercise hoop comes with a counter and 360° shock-absorbing spinning ball to help you measure your work-outs. It allows you to follow your progress with every work-out and measure your success.
【Easy to Use】You can adjust the strap on the weighted ball to suit your needs. The hoop should fit snuggly around your waist and just swing the ball and move hips and start your exercise session.
【Our warranty to you】 Our product comes with a lifetime warranty. We provide excellent service and will replace defective parts if you experience a problem.

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