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Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner Under Appliance Microfiber Duster Dust Brush with Extension Pole (36 to 49 inches) Cleaning Duster for Bed High Ceilings Furniture Bottom Household Gap Duster

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Product Description

under application dusterunder application duster

Professional Gap Dust Cleaner with Thickened Fine Microfiber Cloth

ARAINY Gap Dust Cleaner cleans gaps easier and quickly with the flat design, it can reach the narrowest gap and attract dust and hair firmly, while cutting down your dusting time.Widely use for unreachable gaps between wooden cabinets, sofas, bookcases, washing machines, and window blinds.

microfiber gap dust remover microfiber gap dust remover

Arainy Gap Duster is the perfect cleaning tool for hard to reach areas!


1. Its flat shape is perfect to reach tight spaces between and under heavy household items like the refrigerator, drying and washing machines, shelves, and more!

2. For both Wet & Dry Cleaning.

3. Generously sized microfiber head cleans large surfaces quickly.

4. Large and thickened microfiber cloth can obsorp for more water or dust and can be use for a longer time!


Materials: PP+Stainless steel pole+Microfiber towel cloth

Product Weight: 0.51LB

Package Contents: Gap Dust Cleaner * 1

Microfiber towel cloth * 2

Thickened Microfiber Cloth

Thickened Microfiber Cloth

Exquisite Lining

Exquisite Lining

cleaning duster for under application

cleaning duster for under application

Thickened Fluffy Microfiber Cloth

Thicken microfiber with fluffy hair cloth, it can absorb more dust, water or dirt for time and labor saving!

Exquisite Inner Lining

Fine workmanship with exquisite lining for a longer usage life.

High Elastic Closure

Flexible closure with high elastic bend to ensure the cloth can be put on or taken off more easily.

microfiber duster for under applicationmicrofiber duster for under application


Retractable Gap Dust CleanerRetractable Gap Dust Cleaner

Gap Duster Cleaner Long Pole:The Length of the dust brush handle is adjustable can extend from 36″ to 55″, Made of stainless steel ,sturdy and durable.which accommodates different heights and cleaning tasks. Retractable gap dust cleaner are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms and garages.
Free Bendable & Removable Head:Long Flat Flexible Cleaning Duster is the perfect cleaning tool for hard to reach places. The long flat profile easily glides between and under kitchen appliances, washer, dryer and deep cabinets.
Under Appliance Microfiber Duster: Microfiber cover Quickly & Easily Clean Large Surfaces: Generously sized microfiber head cleans large surfaces quickly, quickly trap dust, lint, bread crumbs, hair, dirt so you can clean effortlessly traps and holds dust without the use of additional cleaning chemicals.
Washable Gap Duster for Cleaning: The microfiber cloth can be bendable and washable, simply take off the microfiber head for hand washing or machine washing for cycling use. Cloth cover is designed with elastic openings and not easy to fall off.
Widely Used: Retractable gap duster brush is ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms and can be used wet or dry and very convenient and durable. Save your time when cleaning house with excellent duster tool!

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