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Wine Chiller Stick Wine Aerator, Premium Iceless Wine Chilling Rod, Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout – Wine Accessories Gifts for Wine Lovers Man Women


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Product Description

wine chiller02wine chiller02

Focus on Your Passions, and Enjoy without Limitations

IEOVO is an enterprise focusing on the research and development of alcohol peripheral products. In order to take your wine tasting experience to the next level, we have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure that IEOVO’s products are the best on the market. We firmly believe that they will enhance your wine tasting experience.

When you choose our wine aerator pourer with chilling stick, you will get quality products! This 3 in 1 wine chilling stick is the perfect gift for wine lovers, lovers and casual drinkers.

Wine Chiller StickWine Chiller Stick

Why choose our wine chiller stick?

Instant cooling and keeps your wine at the perfect temperature.Instantly aerates and oxidizes to increasing wine flavor.Reduce drips and pour more accurately with each pour.Perfect & Sleek design, fit a wide variety of wine bottles.Easy to store, it can be kept in the freezer, ready for your next bottle.Beautiful yet simple packaging is the perfect gift for family and friends.Lightweight and portable, Savor the flavor of perfectly chilled wine anytime and anywhere.

Wine Chiller StickWine Chiller Stick

Throw away those messy wine chilling ice buckets!

Whether you’re a connoisseur or you just have an appreciation for the finer things, you can effortlessly pour wine at its ideal temperature!

Premium food-grade stainless steel and acrylic, uphold wine aroma at the optimum level. A great size to fit in all standard-sized wine bottles and easy to store. You no longer have to deal with wet wine bottles or the mess that comes with preparing and using an ice bucket.

Wine Chiller Stick

Wine Chiller Stick

wine chilling stick

wine chilling stick

wine chilling stick

wine chilling stick

wine chilling stick

wine chilling stick

Easy to Use

After cleaning, place the dry chiller stick in the freezer for minimum of 2 hours, then open your wine and let it aerate for 15 minutes, pour out some wine then insert the chiller stick into the bottle, it will keep your wine perfectly chilled for up to an hour.

Give an Amazing Present to Your Loved Ones

IEOVO wine aerator pourer with chilling stick is an excellent gift for wine lovers and lovers. Anyone will be happy to receive this beautifully packaged product as a gift for any occasion. It was pleasant from the beginning!

Impress Your Friends and Make Them Talk About You

This attractive 3 in 1 wine chilling stick is both stylish and practical! It develops the wine’s flavors and allows its body and character to mature quickly. Our wine chiller stick use the BEST refrigerating fluid inside, maintains the optimal drinking temperature of your wine for up to an hour. In addition, this 3 in 1 wine chilling stick can be used with any kitchen, bar or restaurant decoration.

Makes Superior Aeration by Using the Bernoulli Effect

The wine aerator uses saturated air mixing and the Bernoulli effect to obtain the highest level of wine aeration. The gurgling sound and the large number of bubbles in the wine stream let you know that your aeration ability is strong!

Combo Differences
Comes with one diamond head wine aerator pourer Comes with one round head wine aerator pourer Set comes with one diamond head wine aerator pourer and one chiller stick Set comes with one round head wine aerator pourer and one chiller stick
High-Quality Materials

Elegant Packaging

For Wine Lovers

For Wine Experts

Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine Chiller Stick

🍷 PERFECT WINE ACCESSORIES – IEOVO wine chiller stick combines cooling, aerating and pouring in one, which will keep your pre-cooled wine at optimum drinking temperatur. The built-in aerator will mix the optimal amount of oxygen during pouring to maximally enhance wine flavor. Sleek design to fit all bottle sizes.
🍷 EASY TO USE – Just put it in the freezer for about one hour before using until the cooling gel in the chiller stick is frozen. After pouring a little wine out of bottle, insert wine chiller into bottle and enjoy perfectly chilled wine for up to two hours. Drip-free pouring spout to avoid any drips or spills.
🍷 SAFE AND DURABLE – Premium 304 stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic will never change the taste of your wine. Highest quality certified food grade materials ensure pure aroma of your wine. The tapered stopper with with stripes provide a leak-free seal for wine bottles of all sizes.
🥂 PORTABLE & LIGHT – The detachable design is easy to store and carry. This wine cooling stick is not only suitable for home or garden use, outdoor parties, picnics and various celebrations will highlight its unique advantages. It also eliminates the hassle of managing slippery bottles and messy ice buckets.
🎁 BEST GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS – IEOVO unique multi-function wine chiller stick aerator come with a beautifully designed gift box, which makes this exquisite wine set the perfect Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday present, wine lovers and all those who want to become one!🎄

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